• Frank Bradley, Clicks

    “Stingray is one of our valued partners and one we have built a strong long-term relationship with.  The foundation of the partnership has been excellent communication and building of good relationships.  Stingray has always been open and honest in its communication and is always swift in responding to all queries.   We appreciate the agile nature of the business and its entrepreneurial mind-set, always looking for opportunities  to benefit both Stingray and Clicks. It is also fantastic that it is a South African business that supports local manufacturing, and we hope that we too can support this by growing business with Stingray.

  • Tyrone Viera, JD Group

    “I have personally known and traded with the Stingray Group of Companies for more than 20 years, both at my former employer who was at the time South Africa’s largest General Merchandise retailer as well as at my current employer who is South Africa’s largest Furniture Retailer with a burgeoning e-commerce business. In all my dealings with Stingray I have found them to be ethical and direct in their dealings. I have found them to be innovative, dynamic, and quick to capitalise on emerging trends. Their ability to innovate and bring new products to the market speedily coupled with a strong logistical backbone has meant that they have become a pre-eminent supplier of seasonal goods in the South African market.

  • Suzanne Vermaas, @Home

    “The Stingray team have been open to forming a partnership with us to ensure both our business grow together. They have displayed open communication and professionalism in their dealings with us. Supporting local manufacturing is very important to @home, so we are looking forward to doing increased business with Stingray in the years to come.” 

  • Deon Govender- Game Stores

    “I have worked with the Stingray Group as they supply our business with products across the general merchandise categories. During this time, my experience with Stingray is that they’re a very trustworthy and efficient business. They work well with us in developing products and marketing plans to cater for the South African market.  Stingray keeps to their promises and always attempts to improve efficiencies. Stingray is a key supplier for us and will be integral to our growth plans in the years to come.”